Application for collaborative usage

Contact for theme application: In website,
Tohoku University Institute for Materials Research

Note: Applications are not taken by the Center.
Related inquiries are directed to the Oarai Center Collaborative Usage Department Operational Office.
Contact for inquiries
Collaborative Usage Department Operational Office
International Research Center for Nuclear Materials Science, Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University
TEL:029-267-3181(Lead contact)

How to use the Tohoku University IMR Collaborative Usage web system

This web system can be used for purposes such as research theme application and preparation of written approval of collaborative usage, procedure for addition of responsible participants, and preparation of report on collaborative usage research.(Please see the following flow and scheduled period of implementation.)
A/N: As necessary

Flow Scheduled period of implementation
User registration A/N User registration is necessary for first use
Theme application Dec
Submission of application form
Check for deficiency
Theme examination Dec
Examination committee selection, examination request, examination
Examination summary
Selection committee
Selection decision
Notification of decision (directly to applicant representative)
Submission of
Collaborative Usage
Approval form
Apr Submission of Collaborative Usage Approval Form (Research Agreement: Word file here) by application representative and
director of institution of responsible party
affiliation (to IRC Collaborative Usage Dept. Operational Office)
Research start
Budget expenditure
Apr to
Start of collaborative usage research
Document submission (Experiment plan, etc.)
(to IRC Collaborative Usage Dept. Operational Office)
Travel procedures (travel plans, etc.)
(submission to IRC Office)
Summarization of travel expenses and budget
Report of research
Mar Annual submission of report on research results

Note: Registration of user DB and acquisition of user ID and password are required in advance of system use.

Application contact

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