Director's voice

Yasuyoshi Nagai

Director of the International Research Center for Nuclear Materials Science,
Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University

For more than thirty years since its establishment as a joint research facility, the International Research Center for Nuclear Materials Science of the Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University (the former Irradiation Experimental Facilities) has provided researchers, mainly of Japanese universities, with the opportunity of experimenting with radio-activated samples and actinides that are indispensable for research on nuclear power-related materials. The Center has thus achieved a leading position in the pertinent fields.

We owe this achievement to many people involved such as the Japan Atomic Energy Agency that has provided us with its facilities and technologies including the Japan Materials Testing Reactor (JMTR), and to the researchers of universities and institutes who continue their joint research using our facilities.

Our current research includes the improvement of the safety of nuclear power generation by clarifying the mechanisms of the degradation of reactors caused by irradiation onto pressure vessel steel, the development of new materials for facilities as next-generation energy sources such as fast reactors and nuclear fusion reactors as well as basic research required for that development, the search for new actinide substances and the development of new types of fuels.

Considering the degradation of the global environment by the consumption of fossil fuels and the current circumstances under which energy shortages can be expected because of the upcoming expansion of population in the world, the significance of research on materials for nuclear power generation equipment will increase in the future. To respond to this situation, we are striving as a research base of Japan to meet the requirements of researchers by further improving our facilities. We hope for your continuing support and cooperation.

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