Undertaking activities

Research at the Oarai Center includes projects for enhanced reactor safety through elucidation of the mechanisms of irradiation-induced deterioration in the steel of pressure vessels of nuclear reactors for electric power generation, basic research and development of new materials for fast reactors, fusion reactors, and other future energy sources, and exploration of actinides and other new fuels.

Nationwide collaborative usage facilities

Universities and institutions participating in collaborative usage research in FY2018

Hokkaido DistrictHokkaido University, Muroran Institute of TechnologyTohoku DistrictIwate University, Tohoku University, JAEA Sector of Fukushima Research and Development,Rokkasho Fusion Energy Research CentreKanto DistrictThe University of Tokyo, Keio University,Tokyo Institute of Technology,Tokyo City University, Ibaraki University,
Ibaraki University,AIST,NIMS,KEK,JAEAChubu DistrictUniversity of Fukui, University of Toyama, Kanazawa University, Niigara University, Nagaoka University of Technology, Shinshu University, Nagoya University, Meijo University, Shizuoka University, NIFSKinki DistrictKyoto University, Kinki University, Osaka University, Kobe University, University of Hyogo,
JASRIChugoku/Shikoku DistrictOkayama University, Ehime UniversityKyushu/Okinawa DistrictKyushu University, University of Ryukyus

Nationwide collaborative usage institutions (Status of use)

Collaborative usage institutions in FY2017

Collaborative usage institutions in FY2017

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