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Recently discovered unconventional superconductor UTe2  has attracted considerable interest as a promising can […]

(2016/11/2) Ge/Si and Si/Ge core–shell nanowires (NWs) have substantial potential for application in many kind […]

(2016/08/25) We studied HAADF-STEM analysis of Ag/Alumina samples (as-calcined and reduced at 25, 300, 500 and […]

(2016/07/19)   We succeeded in growing single crystals of the ferromagnets EuPd2 and EuPt2 with the Laves […]

(2016/06/12) Quasiparticle excitations in UPd2Al3 were investigated by means of heat-capacity (C) measurements […]

(2015/12/22) Single planes of Si nanocrystals (NCs) embedded in a SiO2matrix were synthesized by annealing SiO […]

(2015/12/2) We report quite exotic thermoelectric power S in UBe13. At 0 T, the negative S/T continues to stro […]

(2015/03/09) Resistivity measurements were performed for the itinerant Ising-type ferromagnet URhAl at tempera […]

(2015/01/07) Magnetostriction measurements for the Ising-type itinerant metamagnetic compound UCoAl were perfo […]

(2013/11/27)   The fabrication of future nanoscale semiconductor devices calls for precise placement of d […]

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